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Swallows and Amazons Chapter II: Roger to get in the way

From Mae Thinks

I’ve had writer’s block this week. I think it’s mostly because I was trying to avoid gushing, which obviously didn’t work. Also, I have readers! Thank you so much! It’s a little bit scary but so, so lovely to know that other people are interested in this stuff as well, and we can talk about it together.

So – as far as I can remember, this is about the most dismissive thing that is said about Roger in the whole series. All the children have their own distinct roles, but none are defined by them. So Roger is the Boy, the baby of the family, and yet emphatically not the baby. These first two chapters make it very clear that he graduated from the position of Youngest when baby Vicky was born, and that when he leaves land, it will be as a full member of the crew.

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