8 Special Offers From our Swallows and Amazons Shop

Our Swallows and Amazons shop has these 8 special offers for you for Christmas, in support of the Nancy Blackett Trust.

  1. coaster-nb-setMarine artist Claudia Myatt has created these special coasters that show Nancy Blackett at sea under a blue sky and sailing past the Butt and Oyster at Pin Mill. You can buy a set of 4 coasters from our Swallows and Amazons shop for just £15.00, or a set of 6 coasters for just £22.00, saving at least 6% over the price of a single coaster.
  2. mugs-set-0f-3-w800Complementing our coasters is this trio of ceramic mugs, featuring more designs by Claudia Myatt of Nancy Blackett and Swallow. You can buy the complete set from our shop for £23.98, saving 6% over the price of an individual mug.
  3. sa-fine-china-collection-w800If you want to really splash out, you can look at our complete fine bone china collection, featuring numerous designs based on Arthur Ransome’s illustrations from the “Swallows and Amazons” books. The complete collection comprises a round coaster, a coupe plate, a lidded jury box, 2 beakers with either map or dinghy designs, and a limited edition rectangular tray. The complete collection is available from our Swallows and Amazons shop for £194.50, saving 5% when compared to purchasing each piece separately.
  4. scorch-wood-itemsIf you’re looking for something more down-to-earth, we have a unique of collection of hand-made Scorch Wood bookmarks and magnets, each featuring a decorative design represented one of the “Swallows and Amazons”. If you buy a complete set of either bookmarks or magnets for just £35,50, not only will you save 15%, but we’ll give you a special Nancy Blackett bookmark or magnet for free.
  5. While we focus on the Scorch Wood collection, you can also purchase the complete set of bookmarks and magnets, as well as the Nancy Blackett bookmark, magnet and keyring, for just £75.49, and save 20%.
  6. earrings-pendant-setOur first ever range of Nancy Blackett jewellery is now available! Designed and hand-made by our resident artist Claudia Myatt, they feature the new “Blue Sky” design of Nancy Blackett sailing that also appears on our coasters. On offer from our shop is a set comprising a pair of earrings and a pendant for just £29.99, saving 6%.
  7. Marine artist Patrick Donovan created a superb portrait of Nancy Blackett under sail, and it’s now available on this pack of blank greetings cards. Comprising 10 cards with envelopes, it’s available from our Swallows and Amazons shop for just £12.00, saving 20%.
  8. nbt-xmas-cards-3-for-2And finally, we have a 3-for-2 offer on our Nancy Blackett Christmas Cards. Available in packs of 10, with their own envelopes, there are 3 designs available, each by marine artist Claudia Myatt. They are also blank inside, so you can include you own Christmas message. Our 3-for-2 offer is available from our Swallows and Amazons shop for just £10.

All the prices quoted above include VAT where applicable, which will deducted from any overseas orders. Postage and packaging charges will be added to your shopping cart, and will depend on the total size of your order.

For Christmas shopping for a good cause, please buy your gifts this year from the Nancy Blackett Shop and support the work of the Nancy Blackett Trust.