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Swallows and Amazons Chapter VIII: Red knitted caps, and no stockings

From Mae Thinks

The plot thickens. Thickens like a sauce that you’ve been stirring patiently for half an hour, and you turn away from it for less than a minute. So far they’ve basically been pottering about, wittily sewing on buttons. Now there’s smoke, shaking of fists, and a mysterious disappearing pirate ship. You can hardly see for the foreshadowing.

“‘There are two boys in her,’ said Titty.
‘Girls,’ said John, who had the telescope.”

And that’s it for gender until, like, the Great Aunt, as far as I can remember. Did I mention the love?

So now there’s serious stuff to deal with, and Captain John captains up to give the orders. They’re really quite good at following emergency commands, which is kind of good, and kind of reminds the discerning reader that John and Roger (at least) are being prepared for national service.

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