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Nancy Blackett’s new mast, appeal update and more…

From the Nancy Blackett Trust

Progress continues on Nancy Blackett’s new mast. Making it began in January at specialist spar-makers Collars, while it is now at Robertsons and in the process of being prepared to drop into the hole on Nancy’s deck.

The new mast, necessitated after two cracks and a visible distortion to the (very) old one, is slightly thicker, with a channel for cables running up its centre. The standing rigging, also very old, is also to be replaced.

Where the Appeal funds go

The cost, about £8,000, will be met from our 20th Anniversary Appeal, now around £14,000, including two generous donations of £3,000 from Trinity House and £1,000 from the Adnams Community Trust. Our members and other individual donors have also generously contributed to the Appeal, whether by cheque, bank transfer or our own donation page (hosted by Virgin Money Giving), often accompanied by encouraging messages such as this one:

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