Let’s Celebrate the North Sea Voyages of Nancy Blackett and Goblin

We’re celebrating the voyages of Nancy Blackett, and the Goblin in “We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea”, with our new North Sea Voyage Commemorative Postcards and Mini-Posters.

They commemorate the voyage of the Goblin in “We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea”, first published 80 years ago in November 1937, and celebrate the voyages of the Nancy Blackett, the real-life Goblin, both by Arthur Ransome himself and the Nancy Blackett Trust.

The map design is by Claudia Myatt, and based on the one drawn for the new book “Good Little Ship: Arthur Ransome, Nancy Blackett and the Goblin” by Peter Willis, published by Lodestar Books later this month.

The Postcard is A5 size and the Mini-Poster is A4 size (on card).

Both the Postcard and Mini-Poster are now available from our Swallows and Amazons Shop. The North Sea Voyage Commemorative Postcard is just £1 (plus p&p), while the North Sea Voyage Commemorative Mini-Poster is just £1.50 (plus p&p). Buy several and you can three Postcards for £2 and three Mini-Posters for £3. 

Why not support our Swallows and Amazons Shop now and help celebrate the 80th anniversary of “We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea”?