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Nancy Blackett Rescues Drifting Yacht!

Nancy Blackett and three other vessels were recently involved in returning a 21ft yacht to a mooring after it was found drifting in mid-channel on the River Orwell near Levington.

Nancy Blackett was returning from a passage to Brightlingsea and the crew was relaxing a little after a stormy night of wind and waves. Motoring slowly upriver into the wind and rain, they saw the yacht Firefly bearing down on them out of the storm, at the edge of the main channel. It was immediately clear that she had broken loose from her mooring and was speedily moving down river, towards Harwich harbour, the big ship channel and the open sea beyond.

It wasn’t an easy job to come alongside in the wind and the rain, but soon Nancy’s crew had Firefly close in and firmly tied on. The wind was trying its best to smash them both into one of the large red channel marker buoys, but Nancy’s engine fought valiantly to keep both boats clear, and they slowly made their way up channel.

A passing yacht, Yellow Welly, radioed Nancy to offer assistance and her crew made several very helpful calls to local marinas and boat yards, to try to get someone out to take Firefly to the safety of a mooring, while Nancy’s crew carried on fighting the elements.

Yellow Welly stayed with Nancy Blackett until both local boats arrived at once, and the Pin Mill boat took Firefly’s lines. The crew shouted across that Firefly belongs to a local man who they knew would be very appreciative of Nancy’s rescue mission, and later that day, Nancy’s Skipper and Mate, Ian McGlynn and Sue Heron, visited the Royal Harwich Yacht Club to personally thank Geoff Prentice who had also come out in a RIB to help out.

Nancy Blackett’s crew were very appreciative of the help given by all involved in the rescue, especially given the very unpleasant conditions, and are delighted to announce that Firefly is safely tucked up on a new mooring at Pin Mill, and that no damage was done to either boat, which is rather impressive, given the circumstances of the rescue!

Nancy Blackett with the rescued Firefly. Photo: Ian McGlynn.
Nancy Blackett with the rescued Firefly. Photo: Matthew Pearson.

Originally published by the Nancy Blackett Trust