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Dubai Film Festival 2016: Orla Hill talks ‘Swallows and Amazons’

From Gulf News

Budding actress Orla Hill has been in the spotlight from a very young age, having been acknowledged for her roles in movies such as Unfinished Song (2012) and Lily and the Revolution (2014).

While speaking to the 14-year-old at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival, she admitted to considering the 2016 movie Swallows and Amazons, directed by Philippa Lowthorpe, as one that catapulted her to new heights in Hollywood.

“I have been acting since I was ten and I have always loved it, but this movie was a different level and on a completely different and bigger scale, so it is definitely a bit daunting and you feel nervous but it’s just been an amazing experience altogether,” Hill said.

Hill walked the Diff Red Carpet on December 9 with co-star Bobby McCullough and screenwriter Andrea Gibb…

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