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Watch Ellen MacArthur’s 20th Anniversary Message to the Nancy Blackett Trust

From the Nancy Blackett Trust

In case you missed it, here’s Ellen MacArthur’s message to the Nancy Blackett Trust that was presented last Saturday (3rd June) at the Trust’s 20th Anniversary AGM.

In her message, Ellen said:

“A short message to you all – to hope you have a wonderful time at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club, and to wish the Nancy Blackett Trust a wonderful twentieth anniversary.

“It’s almost impossible to think that “We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea” was written eighty years ago. The words jump from the pages just as strongly as they did when they were first written. It’s a wonderful book and I hope the flotilla that you all take part in as you sail down the River Orwell brings as much joy as reading the book does for me.

“So have a wonderful evening. I hope you all have a great sail, and here’s to the future of “We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea”.”

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