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Arthur Ransome’s Selina King: Introducing the Exhibition Catalogue and Greetings Card

Following the first anniversary of the Selina King Exhibition at Pin Mill, the Nancy Blackettt Trust has announced the publication of the exhibition’s catalogue, as well as a commemorative greetings card.

The Exhibition Catalogue not only includes half-page reproductions of Arthur Ransome’s photographs of the build and launch of Selina King, but also an introduction and background notes, Selina King’s lines (as drawn by Fred Shepherd), additional photographs by Arthur Ransome, and extracts from the text for his planned book about the yacht.

The iconic photograph of Selina King’slaunch is available as a high-gloss blank greetings card.

The Exhibition Catalogue is available from the Nancy Blackett Shop for £3.50, while the greetings card is £2.50. You can also buy both for just £5, while a set of 5 greetings cards is also available for just £10 (all plus p&p).

Proceeds will be used to support the Nancy Blackett Trust’s work with local schools.

The Selina King Exhibition, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, continues at the Pin Mill Studio.