Nancy Blackett’s Hungarian Visitors and Their Special Edition of ‘We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea’

The Molnárs on Nancy Blackett at Woolverstone, 7th October 2018. Photo Kata Molnár.
Nancy Blackett is currently holed up in her home berth at Woolverstone Marina with a suspected gearbox problem, writes John Smith, but it did not stop new member Kata Molnár and family visiting her on Sunday (7th Oct).

They sent this lovely photo of them aboard along with the following message:

“The book is the Hungarian edition of “We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea”.

“I’ve also enjoyed reading every word about the adventures in your most recent members’ newsletter. They kind of brought back my childhood memories, not only because of Ransome, but because I’ve always been in love with sailing.

The Hungarian edition of We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea on Nancy Blackett, 7th October 2018. Photo Kata Molnár.

“My father helped to build a boat for two friends who were the first Hungarians to sail around the world back in 1986 (he’s an electrical engineer) and later helped them with their other boats and us kids always accompanied him and played around the boats imagining great adventures.”

“It was a wonderful experience being aboard Nancy Blackett.  It was such a lovely sunny day and the marina was very peaceful. We are now thinking of signing up for sailing lessons!”

In the meantime, Nancy Blackett’s gearbox is now considered to be OK to allow for the planned end-of-season delivery trip to Woodbridge, subject to a suitable weather window being available, most likely on Wednesday (10th October).